As a seasoned nurse, I chose to go to Warren Barr Gold Coast for therapy after a thromboembolic stroke left me hemiplegic. The rehab therapists are the best thing about Warren Barr Gold Coast. They are always joyful and motivational. Even the other residents seem very upbeat. We would often acknowledge each other and root each other on. My visitors who only saw me once a week were always amazed at the huge leaps and bounds I made in my physical and speech recovery.

- Gary B. MSN, RN, Nurse Navigator GI Medical Oncology, Rush University Cancer Center

I can’t begin to explain how wonderful everyone at Warren Barr Gold Coast is. My day nurse, Aurora, was superb. My night nurse, Vincent, was equally commendable. All my nursing assistants were incredible. Unfortunately, I can’t remember my day aide’s name, but she was exceptionally kind, providing me with fresh ice water and my breakfast and lunch daily. My nighttime aide, Mary, was also fantastic. The wound care team, particularly Olean and her assistants, were very caring and helpful. They worked diligently on my wound until it healed, allowing me to go home. I can’t forget Leighanna, who helped me stay sane, for which I am eternally grateful. Warren Barr Gold Coast should be extremely proud of its workers – they do such a great job!

Todd W.

My mother required rehabilitation after a hospital stay at Rush University Medical Center. We chose Warren Barr Gold Coast based on Rush’s recommendation and Warren Barr’s expertise in providing peritoneal dialysis. Thanks to the outstanding care and dedication of the staff, including the amazing nurse Aurora, Vince, and all the other nurses, as well as social worker Katie, she not only regained mobility but also experienced a seamless transition home, with follow-up appointments made and services set up for her. The physical and occupational therapy teams were exceptional in helping her walk, manage stairs, and regain independence! The gentle and caring CNAs on the eighth floor provided crucial support. The overall service, expertise, and respect we experienced make me and my family wholeheartedly recommend Warren Barr Gold Coast to friends and family!


I had weakness in my lower extremities and wanted to go to an excellent rehabilitation facility. The therapy at Warren Barr Gold Coast was wonderful, and I made a lot of progress. Everyone was very nice and accommodating. The therapy team was helpful and encouraged me to keep working toward my recovery. Aurora, Vincent (nurses), and Denise (CNA) genuinely cared for me and treated me very well. Special thanks to Ron (hospital liaison) for helping me find Warren Barr, checking on me a lot, and ensuring I had everything I needed. They have such a positive environment. I have built good relationships with the staff, and they were so excited for me to return home, which made me emotional because I did not want to leave. I made significant progress and will keep going because of them. I had an excellent stay and am glad I chose Warren Barr Gold Coast.

April K.

I had an exceptional rehabilitation experience at Warren Barr Gold Coast. As a double amputee, I needed extensive therapy and support to regain my mobility and strength. I chose Warren Barr based on my online research, where I was impressed by the positive reviews about their therapy. During my stay of nearly four months, I received outstanding care from the facility, with their dedicated therapy team playing crucial roles in my recovery journey. They helped me build upper body strength and gradually transition to using my prosthetic legs. I also appreciated the facility’s efforts to ensure I could stay longer, working with my insurance provider. I found the facility comfortable and enjoyed spending time in the patio area. I also praised the willingness of the staff to take me out for meals. Thanks to my dedication to recovery and the excellent support provided at Warren Barr Gold Coast, I am closer to achieving my goal of regaining independence. I am looking forward to returning to work soon. I am grateful for the care and progress I experienced at Warren Barr Gold Coast and would highly recommend them to others.

Angela A. 

I want to express my gratitude to the physical therapists, nurses, CNAs, and all staff members at Warren Barr Gold Coast for the exceptional treatment and care I received during my stay. They are too numerous to mention by name, but each should know that their care and attention made a profound impact on my recovery. I observed firsthand the selfless, devoted kindness, professionalism, and clinical and therapeutic expertise provided to me and other residents. I highly recommend Warren Barr for operating such a world-class healthcare facility. Thank you for everything.

Richard N.

I appreciate everyone at Warren Barr Gold Coast. Franco, Jay, and Tony (therapists) never stopped encouraging me. They cheered me on even when it was hard. Sharon, Chavette, Augustina, Tamro (CNAs), Kyle and Kenyatta (nurses) also provided great care. Kate (administrator) was amazing and very attentive. Joel and Mike in administration always checked in to ensure I had everything I needed. Amber (guest relations) was friendly and always put a smile on my face, even on the most challenging days. Thank you all for helping me on my journey.

Autam B.

I came to Warren Barr Gold Coast to recover after surgery for wound care and peritoneal dialysis. My social worker at UIC recommended the facility, and I am glad they did. The wound care team has exceeded my expectations and helped me heal to the point where I can return home after a short stay. The team here also assisted me in setting up home health so someone could monitor my progress at home. I would highly recommend Warren Barr to anyone needing additional care after their hospital stay. Their care and customer service are excellent! 

Ivan L. 

I came to Warren Barr Gold Coast for rehabilitation after a hip injury. The staff was respectful and very friendly, and the physical and occupational therapists did a great job of helping me get back on my feet. When I first arrived, I needed a wheelchair, but because of the therapy, I could begin walking with a walker’s assistance. I want to thank my nurses, Vincent and Aurora, and Mary (CNA), for taking great care of me while I recovered. 

Henry B.

I was in a hit-and-run accident and spent 8 days at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. My doctor recommended Warren Barr Gold Coast for specialized physical and occupational therapy to regain my strength. The rehabilitation area on the ninth floor was amazing. They had a decommissioned CTA bus, a model kitchen, a walking track, strength training machines, bikes, and other equipment to help me re-learn basic daily activities. The therapy team was excellent. They motivated me to work towards my goals, and I got along with them great. I never thought I could get this far. With their help, I improved my stability and mobility. I can now confidently walk around and do daily activities. The rest of the staff was also fantastic and quickly accommodated my requests. They were unbelievable. I had a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend Warren Barr Gold Coast to anyone. 

Thomas K.

I came to Warren Barr Gold Coast for rehabilitation after a fall. I was familiar with the facility because a family member had stayed there. Whenever I visited him, I was impressed by the care he received, and because of that, I knew I would be in good hands. The physical and occupational therapists did a great job helping me regain strength, so I could begin walking again. The CAs and nurses were also wonderful. I want to thank Barbara (CNA) for taking great care of me. She was a gem. And Trina (CNA) accommodated anything I needed during my stay. I am now home to continue my recovery. I would highly recommend Warren Barr Gold Coast to anyone needing rehabilitation!

Mary D.

I am a diabetic and had a toe amputation at Rush University Medical Center. They recommended Warren Barr Gold Coast for rehabilitation, and I am glad I went. Joey (hospital liaison) was excellent. He came right away when the hospital’s case manager contacted him. He was accommodating and ensured everything was ready when I arrived at the facility. The Warren Barr team was great, especially Christina, Carion, Josenia, Mathias, Aurora, Vincent, and Mel. They helped me regain my strength, and three weeks later, I am home now. I am very grateful for all their help!

Jose L.

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